Sunday, 25 September 2016

The CORNER Restaurant Review

When you have shopped till you dropped at Beirut Souks and you need to reward yourself for strolling all the shops and carrying all those shopping bags, you must head to The Corner, a newly opened concept by the Boubess Group.

Located at the very top of the Souks, far away from the noise of kids playing and the cluster of all those cafes and restaurants at the Souks' lower part.

This new eatery is trendy looking with an outside terrace and an upper garden, providing few more options to sit at.

At first glance at the menu, you feel that it's quite similar to the one at Cozmo Cafe, but if you dig into it, you would realize that it has more additions and varieties, not to mention a much higher caliber of ingredients especially the meat and the chicken.

We had a sweet passion fruit based non alcoholic drink, that came in those amazing milk glasses of long ago...the juice was so refreshing and good that it will always be our meal starter at The Corner!

From a distance, we saw flames and heard the sound of sizzling, and there came our mixed fajitas chicken and meat platter with pita bread and all the accompanying condiments. What could be better than making your very own delicious wraps!

Mushroom and Swiss Burger please, and a dream came true! Brioche like bun created and freshly baked at the eatery, perfectly spiced exquisite Angus meat, fragrant mushrooms and generous Swiss cheese. A truly refined burger,  that would ensure a next visit! The very few times, the French fries were not the star, however good they were!

The chicken escalope is on the average scale, and to be honest, I've had better! It lacked flavour and juiciness!

If your mom makes the best fudgy moist chocolate cake, then be sure she is in for some serious competition! Frankly speaking, I never thought anyone could come close to my mom's baking, like this awesome homey cake!

Love is in the got me at first it what you like! Their strawberry cheesecake has been definitely prepared in the skies and sent down to earth!

Fluffy cream, strawberry vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries and sprinkles of chunks of biscuit like crumbles, all living inside an elegant deep white plate! I can't wait to have it again and again and again...

The Corner has so much to offer so better not miss on a divine meal!

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