Monday, 10 October 2016

Tsunami Backyard Hazmieh Review

One of the very few restaurants in Lebanon that never fails to deliver the best and never disappoints!

Their new place in Backyard Hazmieh has the same feel like all of their other venues, but with an addition of outdoor seating, allowing you to enjoy great sushi with a feel of spaciousness and relaxation!

The Japanese are very sensitive people with an extreme attentiveness to detail, and the owners of Tsunami ensured to portray the Japanese etiquette and proper form, through the quality of their ingredients used, their friendly waitresses and their efficient service!

We started our dinner with Tsunami's Rice Paper Duck and White Fish Carpaccio. I have to say the White Fish was so fresh and the taste was superb.

Rice Paper Duck

White Fish Carpaccio

We tried a variety of salads from the exotic Mango Salad, Tuna Tartar and Fresh Crab. To be honest, the Women's Mistake was my personal favorite. I just have a weak spot for good salmon.

Mango Salad
Tuna Tartar

Fresh Crab
Women's Mistake

Then we got into the main show, Sushi.

The menu selection is extensive, and each item we tried was freshly prepared to perfection. There are so many maki & sashimi items to choose from and I assure you that whatever your order, you will enjoy!

The Octopus Tempura Maki was a gem. That octopus on top just took it into an entirely new level.

Octopus Tempura Maki

They call it the Skyline, and I've destroyed the entire city!!


Avocado Spicy Shrimp

Wrapping up our dinner with a Sweet Banana surprise, dressed and fried, with vanilla ice cream on the side... A true rock star!

Sweet Banana

If you are after an immaculate sushi experience, then make Tsunami your next destination!!

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