Sunday, 11 September 2016

Apple wants you to cut the headphone cord. But why?

On September 7th 2016, Apple announced the new iPhone iteration, the iPhone 7, without a headphone jack. I still can't figure out a valid justification for this new implementation, and here's why:

1. If the phone's thickness was the reason, given that it didn't change from the previous generation, then there's no point in removing the jack.

2. Even though the new iPhone 7 is water resistant, removal of the headphone jack is not necessary.

3. If Apple wanted to go for simplicity, then why not throw in a wireless set of earpods instead of adding a lightning to headphone jack adapter.

In brief, Apple created the inconvenience of not being able to charge your phone while using wired headphones, which is totally uncalled for!

Now here lies Apple's business strategy, and that's to create the disadvantage and have YOU pay for it. In other words, Apple is indirectly imposing a hidden cost, that you might pay for later on, should you feel inclined to buy their new AirPods for $160.00 USD so that you can go wire free..

At a later stage, I'm definite that they'll come up with a multi-port adapter so that you could charge your phone and use wired headphones simultaneously, and Apple will charge no less than $50.00 USD for it (perhaps more)! 
Guess what, people will gladly buy it, and Apple will happily make a fortune out of it!!

In conclusion, and in the future, you might end up buying wireless earphones or a multi-port adapter, thus, incurring additional charges.

The sad thing is that other mobile manufacturers are following Apple's footsteps and removing the headphone jack in favor of a single USB-C port.

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