Monday, 29 May 2017

MED Restaurant

Duo has a new addition to its family, and they named it MED!

Located in City Center, in Hazmieh, you can either enjoy your time there in its trendy interior, or at its spacious, but light lacking dim terrace, and get pampered by their friendly and professional staff.

Even though, MED, is the abbreviation of Mediterranean, still this new restaurant has much more to offer than just oriental Lebanese food, alongside a salad bar, for those who desire!

We tried quite a few items and were quite satisfied of how they performed with our taste buds!

A beautiful aromatic start with the MED CAKE GARLIC BREAD, a large freshly baked loaf, stuffed with creamy garlic, emmental cheese and herbs. This insanely delicious appetizer will forever change your perception of the traditional garlic bread! A must have over and over again, and over again!


Mixed with sweet chilli sauce, the SHRIMP TAPAS, are soft and flavorful, served with bread slices, and so were the CREAMY SPINACH TAPAS, with chunks of mushrooms and parmesan cheese. Just spread a spoonful of that luscious dip onto a a piece of bread and you cannot be any happier!

The QUINOA TABBOULEH SALAD had a distinguished amazing secret ingredient, or maybe not! Fresh, light, perfectly seasoned and simply wonderful!

Both the GREEK PIZZA and THE PIZZA BEEF PEPPERONI had a thin dough with a moderate flavor.



An assortment of grilled veal, makanek and tawouk skewers, served with French fries,  is what they call their MIXED GRILLED PLATTER.  Completely fresh, using the highest quality ingredients.

In cute small pots, hot and straight from the kitchen, they served us BEEF STROGANOFF, which I think that the chef should revisit the recipe, but the CHICKEN CREAMY MUSHROOM SERVED WITH RICE, and in pots, as well, was delicious.


Desserts, desserts, desserts and more desserts! We felt like little children in a candy store!

A splendid crispy APPLE PIE, an explosion of chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream and caramel sauce create an intensely rich and mouthwatering DARK CHOCOLAT VOLCANO. Filled with melted chocolate and topped with vanilla ice cream, and then crushed to share OUR SPECIAL MUFFIN, with smiles on our faces! The MED ORIENTAL TWIST, with sahlab ice cream, a renovated recipe of our traditional maamoul, a warm soothing taste of the orient!

MED has so much more delightful items to savour, from starters, salads, pizzas, pastas, burgers, sandwiches, a kids menu and a variety of original main courses, which is worth a second and a third visit, if not more, to dig into those pleasures.

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