Sunday, 22 January 2017

Sunday Brunch at Le Gray's Indigo on the Roof

Indigo on the Roof at Le Gray Hotel is anything but gray! It's vivid, colorful, bright and glamorous!

On Sundays, when you're bored with typical ordinary restaurants or if you feel like trying something new, then Indigo on the Roof is a definite must try experience!

Restaurant Entrance
The venue is so bright

Overlooking beloved Beirut

Kick off with a good breakfast and pamper yourself all the way up to an exquisite lunch!

Bread, cheeses, pastries, cold cuts and all the necessities of a fulfilling breakfast are displayed with menu items of different selections of eggs platters from Benedict, Florentine, Royale, omelet to free range eggs.

Cheese Station  
Cold Cuts

Choose your donut
Crunchy & Flaky

I surely had great eggs benedicts but never did love one as much as the ones served here!

The fresh tasteful eggs, the buttery aromatic sauce holondais on a perfectly crunchy muffin.

Just beautiful
You'll fall in love with that buttery aroma

Now let's talk about lunch!

Nothing could be better than a warm soup on a cold and windy day. 

The roasted pumpkin and cinnamon soup was flavorful yet light so as not to kill your appetite, that you would be most in need of at this generous restaurant!

Roasted Pumpkin and Cinnamon Soup

A beautiful spread of fresh tasteful sushi and sashimi, smoked salmon and a variety of delightful salads from seared tuna, chicken and spinach quinoa, turkey ham and grilled pineapple, beetroot and goat cheese to grilled vegetables. And for those who always like to be faithful to our Lebanese delicacies, tabouleh, fattouch, raheb, hummus, moutsbbal...will be there for you too!


Seared for your taste buds

Simply Beautiful
We're addicted to sushi

The fajitas station offers both chicken and meat wraps filled with the genuine taste of Mexico and that I have mentioned it, I should have had more of those fabulous fajitas!

Oh my fajitas

At that point, we required the menu again to choose our main dish of Char grilled pork sausages, Garlic and rosemary lamb cutlets, Pan seared seabass, 5 spices duck breast, Bacon and brie Burger and for the faithful, the Lebanese specialty of the day.

Hesitant, doubtful, confused and lost is how we felt. We wanted to have them all, but logic prevailed and funny how we both ended up selecting the same candidate!

It came in a pan, sitting there like a king, accompanied by a huge side of fries, The Bacon and brie Burger!

Bacon & Brie Burger

This burger is very photogenic

The crispy bacon and the almost melted brie complimented the exquisite meat to procreate the divine burger.

I'm not letting go

The glorious dessert buffet offers you a great number of items to speed up your sugar rush!

Cakes, puddings, profiteroles, mousses, macarons, a chocolate fountain, a waffle name it and it's there!

So many options
Galette des rois

I can never say no to red velvet

Even more options


Waiting in line to be dipped

Oh, by the way, if you are thinking what to do with your kids so you are able to totally enjoy this feast, then worry no more, as it's also been taken care of and a special kids recreational area is devoted especially for your little ones; just make sure to ask for it upon making your reservation!

We always wrap-up great meals with Coffee

In one of the corners of my mind, there's a constant reminder telling  me to visit Indigo on the Roof again.

The great service where everyone is treated like VIPs, the perfect food that you not only enjoy but appreciate as well. 

Simply irresistible!

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